Pentagon: Video
 Prime Mover

Size: 14 Inches Long (35cm)

Estimated Build Time: 4 hrs +  staining / painting


Basic Tools: (Minimum)

  • Drill

  • Hand saw

  • Hammer

  • Coping Saw (Hand fret saw)

  • Basic Hole saw set

  • Drill bits

  •  Sand paper

  •  Rasp


Recommended Tools: (For a Quicker job)

  • Radial Arm saw

  • Scroll Saw (Electric fret saw)

  • Bench drill

  • Belt and flat sander

  • Router

  • Table saw



Tips for Prime Mover:

We received a query mid morning via an e-mail about our mudguards, so when Lee-Anne (my partner) got home from work we were able to take a video and have it posted onto YouTube for them to look at that night.

Making the Mudguard: