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Welcome to my internet site "Enjoy Making Wooden Toys".


I was born into a carpentry family so I have always had access to tools and timber. Enjoying making toys for myself when I was young.

I worked in earth moving for quite a period of my life so I had a good understanding of machinery. It seemed natural to combine the two so I started making toys that moved dirt about 20 yrs ago and have been professionally making toys and furniture for child care centres and markets ever since.


The challenge now is to put all my knowledge onto paper so over the next few months I will have lots of plans for you to use to "Enjoy Making Wooden Toys".


The most important thing is to have a go and surprise yourself when you find out that you can make great wooden toys. Take your time, put a bit of passion into the project and you will "Enjoy Making Wooden Toys" too.






The look on the childrens faces when you give them a toy you have made - Priceless





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